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What happens after I refer an opportunity?

A lot! The message you send when you Boon an opportunity comes with a unique link that allows the individual to go to a landing page which provides some basic details about the opportunity and then allows them to accept the Boon. Once they accept the Boon, you’re locked in as the primary referrer as long as they haven’t accepted any Boons for the same opportunity. This is important because if they end up landing the opportunity, then you are first in line to get paid.

Next the person you referred has a chance to look at the complete opportunity profile and decide whether to apply for it or not. If they do apply, then they will move from the “sent” grouping in the tracker to the “accepted” grouping in the tracker (see How do I Track Boons). Using the tracker, you can follow each referral through every stage of the evaluation, interview, and exit process.